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Why Chose NetServe?

Personalised Service

Do you know the name of the people at your web hosting company? NetServe customers do!

We build strong long standing relationships with our customers and value each and every one of them. All of NetServe’s customers know their account and support personnel by first name and when NetServe customers have support enquiries, they know the support will be provided by someone who knows them, is already familiar with their website and understands their business.

We believe this is the way web hosting should be.

Technology & Experience

If you’re looking for a quality web hosting provider with a depth of experience in the Web Hosting industry as well as a range of expertise in other related areas of Information Technology to help you manage and support your systems, NetServe is the number one choice. Not only have we been in the business of hosting mission critical websites for many years, we also have expertise in a range of areas businesses are reliant upon. Our team of staff know and understand what is happening in businesses from many different aspects including the challenges faced with their internal IT systems, Email, SPAM, Viruses, Security and of course their Websites and we know and understand the impacts imposed by internal IT systems as well as externally hosted systems such as domain names and websites.

NetServe helps businesses achieve an integrated solution that takes into consideration other factors relating to the customers business including their IT systems and processes. We don’t just sell you a web hosting account and wish you good luck, we’re here to help and can provide you with as little or as much support as you require to make sure your unique situation is managed properly by people with the expertise to make sure it’s done right.

Clustered, Redundant Servers

Most of our customers come to us because they’ve experience the problems with cheap over-crowded shared hosting and over-crowded virtual hosting platforms where your web server is also your email server and your database server all in one. Not to mention in these scenarios you’re often sharing the resources and capabilities of one physical server with potentially hundreds of customers.

NetServe is a true business-class platform consisting of over 70 dedicated physical servers, each being allocated a specific task such as email, web or database. We maintain appropriate levels of service allocation – meaning if we need to increase the number of servers in our fleet due to increasing customer demands, then that’s what we do!

Our clustered hosting platform also means your web visitors enjoy the benefits of reliable and powerful physical servers coupled with careful management of load balancing as well as enterprise class hardware redundancy, our web-hosting infrastructure uses world-class technology that offers real benefits in speed, stability and security over the competition.

  • True 99.9%+ Uptime
  • Linux Servers, Windows Servers, FreeBSD Servers, Coldfusion Servers, SharePoint Servers and MS Exchange Servers
  • Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Clusters and High Availability Dedicated Clusters
  • Support for PHP, HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, MySQL, pgSQL, MS SQL, MS Access and much more
  • Highly Available Clustered Environment
  • Hot Swappable Fast SCSI drives with RAID Data Redundancy
  • Hot Swappable Redundant Components
  • End User Accessible Back Ups
  • FREE Spamassasin and ClamAV Anti-Spam/Virus or upgrade to Mailfoundry Enterprise Grade Anti-Spam/Virus
  • SSH functionality from the Control Panel including Server to Server FTP, tar/untar, wget, Cron, CHOWN and more
  • Advanced Ajax based Webmail Client

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